Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pink Crocs

Well I finally broke down - 18 months after the fad hit - and bought some pink crocs.

I know that by the time I actually get it together to find scissors, paint nails, hot weather etc they will not only be hideously out of style but may have taken on the popularity of lead painted Thomas trains.

But they are sooo tempting to wear outside. I see myself romping around in the back yard, picking up dog poop and kids toys the like with a little pink waddle to my step. The beach! The back yard! Pool parties! The opportunities seem endless.

I do hope that I use a big more discretion with the crocs than I do with my Lululemon cropped pants. My increasing dependence on them is a bit scary this late in my pregnancy considering they are not 'panel'. Which results in belly hand over. Which results in my looking like a sexy plumber from the belly button down.

But what is the worst that can happen with the crocs? Fungal foot?