Monday, June 25, 2012

Tis time (again) to address the Ass

So as some of you know (or can see) I struggle with my weight. I am an emotional eater, however in January of this year I decided that enough was enough and I was going to go back to Weigth Watchers (natch - had been paying for the online membership for OVER a year).

It all went pretty well (like usual when I am paying attention). Not only am I an emotional eater, I also am a Great White Shark when it comes to snacking. I can easily turn into a mindless eating machine. My body tolerates the abuse until I reach the 200 pound mark then it starts to rebel with foot problems and knee pit issues. The stretch marks reappear (as my fat like to sit on my hips and ass and increasingly my stomach which is hideous as I also have c-section scars which create a natural shelve ANYWAY).

I lost 20 pound without a lot of hardship within about 3 months. I count my points, I develope a love affair with pickles and veggies. I curb cravings with diet coke (I KNOW it is bad - shhhh it is harm reduction at this point). Every Staurday I give myself a 'free' day where I indulge in all my bad vices. Cheese, wine, chocolate... really anything my heart desires.

In April I was hit with the double whammy of a new computer system at work (social worker meet layered spread sheet computer system) and easter. Neither of our extended families messes around with Easter and there was Purdy's galore at all three houses. My drug of choice is high calorie foods so I was unable to keep my shiznatch under control with the double hit of incredibly frustrating work program AND abundant good chocolate around the house. Plus everyone at work was bringing in scads and scads of treats (because we all know that poor training can be erased if we fill our pie holes with cookies and hot dip). It felt very Marie Antoinette.... 'Sure they can't document their child welfare issues  nor can they do a proper prior contact check - but let them eat cake!'

Since April 2nd it has been an all out binge. I have gained back about 11 pounds (or more - have not checked the scale since last week). I am facing a summer holiday at my sister in laws cabin (she has the physique of Gwenyth Paltrow although much nicer) and beach trips with the monkeys. All my summer clothing is size 16 so I better lose some weight before I offend everyone around with my muffin top ass cleavege.

Here's to a healthy summer and clothes that fit right!