Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just another wednesday

Strange but I felt randomly hostile as Colin's mother reported that not one, not two but three of his female cousins are up the pole & due around the same time. Good grief. It is like they are on some sort of mating cycle out there - this will be the third baby for all three. Which means that I will either spontaneously ovulate every time I see them or else invest in some really good wine to remind myself that there are some things I would have to give up in order to be with child again.

I can HEAR the xbox from the lame computer in the den! Xbox meet glass of wine..... only one of you will come out in working condition and I am rooting for the wine!

Scottish maven mocked me again today at work about the blog - I will never tell her anything ever again. And I certainly won't show her how to start her own! She is bursting with child and still able to get in enough breath to mock... not for long sister!

Kids were brilliant today - both threw out their easter 'puppets' made at daycare. Of course threw out is the polite way of saying threw from the car as we were driving down 96th - so some poor long haul truck driver is going to get one impaled on his windscreen. Both laughed as though it was the funniest thing ever. Meanwhile I am having heart palpitations in the front seat thinking that they are throwing out their clothing....

Again no wine. But defrosting 'ripe' bananas on the sideboard which require squishing & baking into 'muffies'.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

xbox nightmare....

Apparently we need an xbox to compliment our imac. Which sounds like a load of hooey to me. But Colin was clear that he needed one to get the most out of the imac. Right.... Just one more thing for him to play with. But instead of being hidden in the den & allowing me free access to the tv to watch my nature shows (when lions behave badly & the like), the Xbox threatens my recreational time. This may not last - our next purchase might be a tv for Colin to take into the den (which has been abandoned as a storage room).

At work today I was MOCKED by my scottish colleague for having a blog. Oh the humanity! There is a certain amount of pressure to be 'witty' on this blog. But I am afraid that I am not funny all the time. Or even most of the time. Sometimes but definately not always.

I bought a bag of Bridge Mixture over the weekend - but I must confess to only liking the chocolate covered jelly portions. The rest of it I could chuck and reluctantly eat to avoid being called a waster by my randomly recycling spouse. But this time I have decided that I am only going to eat the jelly ones. The rest will go into the compost. Which I am sure is not meant for the compost.

See, not funny. Maybe next time.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

good old days....

I have been thinking about the 'good old days' of university. Mainly because I was in the car listening to the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack and reminded about all the goofy things that happened. Like how I had to listen to Sharon & her uber boyfriend at the time get busy ALL NIGHT long (they thought that I was out), or when we tried to bake a cake in a too small pan, or when I thought that Sharon might have ebola (due to no eye makeup), or when we had to endure phone messges during exams which mocked us (from a fine arts majoy friend), or when we make chicken cayenen instead of paprika (and ate it anyway because we were starving), or when I yakked out of the car three blocks away from a house party. Ahh the memories. One day I will put them all on here. It reminded me that I miss my friend Sharon & I really should make more of an effort to stay in touch.

But that is a slice to enjoy at another time.

I spent an large amount of time at UVic feeling like I was 17. Great hair and at times the body to match. But now I am thoroughly disabused of that notion as my ass is the size of a helipad (why? why?) and I am now feeling like I am 35. I am only 31. How did THAT happen? Horrific jump ahead in time. Maybe because I went grocery shopping tonight (a saturday!) at Superstore at 9pm with all the other losers. It was sad. The frozen food section had been picked over, there wasn't an organic egg to be found, obviously my prized organic PC milk was SOLD out and I was surrounded by profoundly sad people. New parents with tiny babies crying, group home staff shopping for the home, teens searching for the cheapest 'mix' for their party, goofy teenage girls buying hair dye, and other moms like me trying to shop while the kids are sleeping & the husband is entertained with the new computer. I felt like a retail refugee. There were actually people sitting on the furniture chatting about their weekend plans. Sort of like a coffee house for sad people too cheap to actually go to a Starbucks.

If only their organic stuff wasn't so good & their dry goods so cheap I'd shop elsewhere. But I have a feeling that Safeway & Save On aren't really hubs of hip moms shopping on saturday night. I'd likely run into the same group of droolers.

I seem to be unusually quite right now - this is partially because I emailed everyone my blog - then promptly got stage fright. As though great things would be expected.

We have our iMac! It is gorgeous. Now I can make dinner and watch ebay at the same time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

quiet night...

There are some nights that I just love. A good bath night without the tsumani that I am sure is leading to mouldy drywall. Babes put to bed with 5 stories each & minimal negotiating. Husband off to hockey - despite gout pain and flu. Maybe they truly believe that there is an NHL scout watching them... as they gracefully chase the puck around and curse like the big boys.

If I had been organised this evening I would have forseen this blissful two hour period between bed time & the rush to get lunches ready & the car packed for tomorrow, and stopped on the way home to get some wine. Which would clearly make the aforementioned tasks that much more entertaining. But alas no. Just me & the earl grey tea. However the tea will be hot and there will be not little hands clamouring to be picked up, noses to be wiped or toys to be shared.

Just a quiet evening. Except that I think I hear the cat yakking....

Monday, March 19, 2007

moving on up...

Well it is official - farewell PC! Good riddence! May you never infect my email again with your hideous viruses! Bill Gates be gone!

Yes we have bought an iMac. So far so good. Being that it is still in Ontario - or wherever they grow iMacs. Waiting for a Canada Post professional to gently bring it to us.

As some of you might know - getting Colin to agree to an iMac was a feat in itself. It has been a long road to this - many trips to Frys in Oregon to try and get the right piece of PC pap to make our hunk of computer junk move faster, not get some many viruses (use some protection for the love of Windows!) and generally behave like a piece of high tech. But finally even Colin was tired of pumping cash into the bohemeth. So we shall keep it for the kids, so that they don't ever forget where we came from. Then when they grow up we will turn it into an artificial reef.

Can't wait to be posting from the new iMac. All svelt and saucy. Totally unlike its owners. Maybe we should keep the old hunk of tech just so that we feel like we still fit in at home. Next thing you know we will be spilling double hot chai lattes hold the foam & extra caramel onto our wireless keyboard and lamenting the days of the PC. Or perhaps we will be inspired by the new slim computer & actually get off our butts & do some excercise.

Which brings me to the den furniture. The old computer fit in with the decor. Now what are we going to do with our crappy Ikea put together table with Curry legs (seriously)? Now we are going to have to upgrade the whole den. Next thing you know the house will be too cool for us & we will be looking for a less intimidating abode in the Valley.

Maybe we shouldn't be getting a new computer......

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Buggy oh Buggy, where art thou Buggy?

Hello Buggy!
Linden adores his new friend. So much so that he brought him to bed with him last night (safely tucked away in a 'bug viewing' jar which almost turned into a Bug Jam jar after Buggy was momentarily stunned by a blow to the head by the magnifying piece....). Colin had to convince Linden to bring Buggy outside as he needed to go home to his mother... To which Linden relied that Buggy didn't love his mom anymore & wanted to stay with him.
Finally Buggy was put back in the yard - with the promise that he would be able to visit him anytime during the day.
Next day arrives and Linden goes to find Buggy - only to learn that he has left home. Drama for my mom as Linden was very sad that Buggy could not be found.
This is only the beginning.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

hmmmm.. tuesday

I did not plan on blogging every day. In fact I have not really told many people about this blog. How will a Hollywood producer ever find me if I don't advertise? ;>)
But here I am - blogging.

I was trying to think of other 'interesting' things about me. And one thing that stands out is that I really like a good good guys versus bad guys scrap. And I don't mean homo-erotic wrestling (what is up with those tights anyway?). What I mean is like evil corporation (or non profit.... either can be evil and I would not want to be accused of being anti corporation) versus poor individual. That stuff really gets me going and I love to fight the good fight.

Maybe I do understand no holds barred fighting..... only without the blood and preferrably with some big wig capitualting (and maybe crying) when I am through with them. Ahhhh...
Maybe it is time to tell my parents about the blog..... with a parental warning of course that there may be too much information shared....

It feels like I drove all over the lower mainland today & I must go whip up some chocolate 'muffies' to bride the kids with tomorrow morning....

Monday, March 12, 2007

ahh the joys of Monday

Well this is a typical Monday - except it has the be the worse day of my year. I am not sure why - but the monday following daylight savings makes me feel jet lagged without the inspiration of exploration to get me through.

There is a girl at work (someone who I would call a friend) who is having her second baby girl in a few months. And she might be calling her Avery! Which some of you might recognise as the name that Colin & have at the top of our girl name list each time that I have been pregnant. Perhaps this is a sign that it is time to let the name go. Also my sister in laws' sister in law is pregnant as well and knows that she is having a girl and she also likes Avery. With all of these girls being born this is yet another sign that we are going to have another baby boy whenever we decide to have babe #3. Helllloooo Oliver......

Not a very exciting day (aside from the fact that it was the worst of the year). Colin had dinner ready for us when we got home, the sun was shining and we even got to out for a walk after supper. So I can't really complain. Life is good.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here are 10 things you may not know about me & my family:
- I am the oldest of 7 kids
- Colin & I got engaged just outside of Paris in 2000
- Colin & I were in Ireland duing 9/11 and were forced to extend our honeymoon in Scotland
- We have two dogs, two cats & two fish
- I have 2 moms & 2 dads - paired off the old fashioned way
- I am a social worker & practice in the field of Child Welfare
- I like to buy scrapbooking materials, however don't really love scrapbooking
- One of our cars is 19 years old
- I am about 30 pounds overweight right now
- I would like to have a third baby

Alright so some of those things most of you will know. But just in case some big movie producer is reading through this and thinks that my life would make a good movie. I would request that Kate Winslet be cast as me.

I confess to being a big mystified about this blogging thing. I am not quite comfortable with it yet - as you might tell by the fact that I have not posted any pictures yet (although I was taught by Blog Wizrad's Luddite assistant on friday). But those who know me, know that I like to yap on and on about my beliefs and theories. but for another day. I think that I am going to turn in now - on a super rainy Sunday night ( my least favourite night of the week).
Again full of beans! I have a feeling that Rowan is going to be the son that we worry about.... and worry about the effects he will have on his calmer older brother!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yikes! How did this happen! One minute I was commenting on someone else's blog and now I have one of my own!