Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just another day

We woke up late this morning... it was a combination of efforts from my late shift, my daughter's pseudo asthma / coughing fit at 3am, Indie baying at our window (because HWSNBN failed to secure the homefront perimetre), Child #1 asking what time it was (5am - now go back to bed!) and #2 rounding out the nightmare by crawling into bed like a stealth ninja at 6am and then attaching his fleece covered body onto my back. Add snoring and I think that I slept about 52 minutes last night.

I decided to call the kids in absent from school (lest a miracle happen and they all slept in (me included) past 9am the usual time the secreatries called around looking for the absent kids) till recess. Thank you absentee voicemail. Crawled back into bed and presto, #2 woke up. As he was not invivted to the dog howling, ashtma / coughing attack at 3am / time check it was naturally time to wake up. He decided to sieze the day and go downstairs to play a rousing game of Minecraft before the sun came up.

By 8:30 I decided that my slack slovenly parenting gig was up and I better get ready for the day. The kids had to be at school in 2 hours and I needed to get a crackin'. Lunch was slowly organised (why won't you guys eat sandwiches?), breakfast fed to 2 out of 3 kids (as princess was still sleeping off her midnight party) and bags and homework organised. Children clothed. Pre schooler woken up with little fanfare and made it to school with 3 minutes to spare for recess.

Took the dog halfway across town for her nail clipping then back again for some 'down time' (meaning I unloaded and loaded up the dishwasher, changed the clothes over and folded laundry, fed the preschooler and myself, did Christmas list and unpacked a christmas box).

Back to school to pick up the big kids, play at the park, return home for mad rush dinner prep and soccer practice then back home again for some PVR time.

It is amazing but today I appreciate this day because there are some kids out there today who woke up without a mother to care for them and there are mothers today who woke up to the aching hollow of no child to care for.
So for today and all its minutea I am grateful.