Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well some of you knew that I was 'on my own' this past week.
You could tell by the incessant screaming / crying every time you called, or perhaps what gave it away was that I was late for work every single day last week or maybe it was that unmade up face and hair in a pony tail ALL WEEK.

Some pretty weird things happened while Colin was away:

- I forgot the kids lunch for daycare on Monday (never happened before in 2.5 years)
- Linden got a rock stuck up his nose and almost had to be taken to the ER (thankfully Gayle Uber daycare provier convinced him to hold one nostril and snort out the other)
- Rowan smashed his face after a birthday party while trying to get into his car seat via the front seat. Hideous bloody nose fest ensued.
- Linden bit Rowan 3x - so that he had circular tatoos on either arm.

So I would like to toast every single mother past, present and future. You do an amazing job and are probably not given enough respect by your friends, family, peers and co workers. I salute you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rotting Petunias

I can't grow a thing except petunias. For some reason they flourish in my backyard. There have been some casualties over the years but by far they are my indestructible plant.

But this rain is making them ROT. I try to deadhead the mushy flowers - but every time I think that I have cleared them out, more take their place!

Please be sunny tomorrow. I can't bear the thought of having no flowers for august...

Fecking Chapters Indigo!

So I decided that on friday night I was not going to hang out at Chapters in Langley to get the new Harry Potter book. One reason was because I was quite tired, but the real reason was, and I am ashamed to admit it, but I might have elbowed a small child out of the way to get my hands on a copy (the madness of a mother at 12:01). It would not have been a good career move.

So like a rational adult I went about my business on saturday, visiting family, attending a birthday party, visiting family again. Needed to buy some groceries so I went out (in part motivated by the thought of picking up the tome at Superstore - those who have read this blog know that I loath grocery shopping with the rest of the damned on Saturday night).

Sold out. Getting a bit panicky I decide that I will go to Chapters. I went through their Hogwarts styled entrance and noticed that there was an unusual number of 30 year old folks walkng around with miscelaneous items in their hands roaming around the Harry Potter display. No books. I go to the Childrens section. No book (and no display). I start to wander around in the same circular fashion as the other 30 somethings in the middle of the store. The behaviour of the group is the same that I imagine the patrons of a porn shop. A bit bow headed, checking around furtively trying to locate their item (too scared to ask where to find the glitter condoms), avoiding eye contact with other patrons lest they recognise you.

Finally I make eye contact with another woman. We determine that our quest is the same. We corner a scared clerk who advises us that they are SOLD OUT. Will not be getting reinforcements until Monday. Not even a bloody sign! You could hear the collective sign of the group and we all dumped our decoy items and schlepped out of the store. The original member of my team & I vowed to avoid the media for the next few days in the event that one of them let out the secret to the book (Sixth Sense anyone?).

I went back to Chapters on Monday and found that they still did not have the books out on the floor. Instead they were piled up behind the cashiers. Like you had to ask for them the same way you would have to purchase cigarettes at a gas station. I said enough of this and went to Costco where I picked up the book (where they were easily accessible on a block pallette, cleaverly stocked with the rest of the books) for $10 less than it was at Chapters. With the money saved I bought a Costco size pack of M&Ms.

In the end good triumphed over evil. I hope I can say the same for the book which I started last night (about 60 hours after the rest of the world). Hmmmph.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No birthday cake

It is official. I am a horrible birthday mommy.

Rowan celebrated 2 years of survival (in the urban jungle sense of the term) and we had a BBQ pool party for him & assorted buddies. To be honest they were mostly Linden's buddies with their age appropriate siblings to make up the kid quota.

"Mommy" (quatations only because I suspect that I am on probation with the Muffia) decided that we would not have a birthday cake but would do 'birthday ice cream cones' instead. To a person everyone asked about the birthday cake. And then Linden, trying to vindicate his mommy, asked, "maybe ice cream cake?" To which I had to reply no. Ice cream cones.

Trauma for everyone. Pictures ruined as Mommy only lit one candle for the ice cream cone due to being flustered about social faux pas of no bday cake.

Better luck next year.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Gazillion bubbles attack!

The kids love this machine, however it sucks back bubble mix faster than a Hummer on a city trip!
Amazing consumption!
But it is a pretty cool...

Camping Amigoes....

Colin & Linden are on their first ever father / son camping trip.
Of course Colin had to go to a place that doesn't have cell reception - which means that I am thinking of every horrific thing that can happen to a pre schooler at a camp ground. Such as choking on hotdogs, bitten by west nile infected mosquitoes, getting OFF in his his eyes, falling into the lake, wild bears and carbon monixide poisoning. Does that even happen camping or is that just cabins?
But I am sure the little man doing well, it is the big man that I worry about after an exhausting evening of assuring that none of the above things happen. Then get rewarded with a sleep on an air mattress with the 3 foot kung foo fighter as a bed mate...
Yea Camping!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hmmm. A baby hippo. That according to the knowledgeable people who draft the witty sayings on GAP kids jammies, is approximately how much I weigh.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should burn those pjs... Super Sorry Linden. Mommy couldn't handle the reminder.

It is difficult to imagine having the time to count calories again and get back down to 165 (my lowest since about 1997). The good news is that I lost 35 pounds last time on Weight watchers (in 2002 - 2003) and didn't climb back up to that horrific starting point until very recently.

I don't recall exactly how my time started to get eaten away in 15 increments - but it has and now I am wondering where I will find another 15 minutes to plan calories wise meals so that I don't scarf everything I see when I get home from work.

I need to do this. Can't really afford to pay weight watchers 15 a week - so maybe this forum will keep me accountable.

I can't title this entry - blogger is driving me nuts.