Monday, September 17, 2007

hellooooo Fall!

Well last week made me a bit nervous - what with all the warmth and air conditioning. I had actually packed up all the summer toys from outside, laid out the pools to be sun dried prior to being packed away, watered the petunias one last time and said farewell to the sand table. Only to be met with scorching hot sun for most of last week. And kids demanding Spiderman slip and slide.

But now we are into fall (technically not until the 23rd of September). The smells in the air, Halloween around the corner (yes I have bought the boys their costumes already 25% off at Old Navy!), birthdays and more birthdays (all those Christmas party babies) and the obsessive compulsive thoughts that come with Christmas planning. I LOVE this time of year!

There are practical things that I like about the fall. Hockey season starts and a social void is filled with exciting games (instead of the usual summer rerun fodder). I can wear sweaters and bundle up in the office - and there will always be the question of whether or not I am chubby or just cozy. Playdates inside (although i did really like the ones outside - but this way there can be more coffee and hot chocolate). I also like putting away all the summer clothes and pulling out the winter finds. Especially chuffed when I check the box and find a special Gap shirt or Gymboree item that I bought during a wicked sale... and put away for the fall / winter season. Ahhhh! The joy!

But my birthday is coming up - I have shared it with my nephew for the past 4 years. This means that his party tends to trump mine (which is okay because I do not love my own birthday parties). I think that it is a sign of getting older that I am not at all fazed by this - in fact I enjoy not having to come up with some amazing story about what I did for my birthday.

I am making this list for Colin and other families members in the event that they are wondering what to get me this year:

- Precious Memories gift certificates (already got one from work - THANKS!:)
- Reitmans gift certificate (plus pants for my bulbous behind and large shirts for the ample bosom)
- Chapters gift certificate
- Matt and Nat bag from the Satchel shop - groovy vegan brand.
- pedicure gift certificate - I will go this time. I go down a shoe size every time!

So that is it. Not as caustic as usual - but maybe that is because I am mellow because of the fall.....

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