Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All things wet....

Well we are trying to 'potty train' the untrainable Rowan.

We have the tiny potty out for him in the kitchen (ewww). Although he refuses to use it and prefers to dangle precariously off the big potty. Any day now he is going to splash down into the porcelain god and be traumatised for life.
Fabulous. Can hardly wait to have a 10 year old in diapers.

I should know that the standard advice applies - No one goes to Kindergarten in diapers. I have given this advice to others. I want you all to know now that I was LYING. I have no idea whether any kids show up in diapers for kindergarten. Mine could be the first. Rowan seems to march to his own drummer. I am sure (hoping) that he just spontaneously starts to exclusively use the toilet.

The real problem is that on Christmas day 2006 Rowan said potty and peed on the potty at 18 months of age. This is what started my whole hope of toilet training prior to kindergarten. I *should* have KNOWN that this child would be the one to tease me for a full ten months. He actually will wake up with a dry diaper and ask to go pee in the morning. And then pee everywhere 1 hour later in the play room.

I am going to take a deep breath and hope that the pee fairy stops at our house tonight... hopefully deposit occurs in the appropriate bowl.

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The Southern Skyes said...

Oh Tassi, this is so funny! You'll notice that I ranted about this a few weeks in my own blog. And I thought I was the only one!
But - I'm more than happy to report that Ben is now in pullups daytime and nighttime and it happened overnight. Literally.
I too thought he would be the first one in kindergarten in diapers, but I guess the old advice "when they're ready" truly applies.
Buck up little camper - Rowan's day will come!
Shelley :)