Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Movie Night

It is supposed to be my turn to pick the movie that we go and see on date night this week.

I reminded Colin of this and hinted that I might want to see Elizabeth or maybe the new Reese Witherspoon movie.

He shoots back with "You made me watch that Drew Barrymore / Hugh Grant movie - it is my turn to pick". The particular movie he is talking about is call Lyrics and .... I don't remember. And yes we did see it. About a year ago. We don't get out very often - but have been to several movies since then. One of which was Pan's Labyrinth which I could not even sit through it was so gruesome. His choice.

I politely ask which movie he wants to see. No idea. But does not want to watch my pick.

Which goes to show that some people can hold grudges for a very long time if they are forced to watch a Drew Barrymore movie.

1 comment:

The Southern Skyes said...

What does Colin know? He's a boy.
And for the record: Drew Barrymore ROCKS!!!