Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Other Woman

My husband is addicted to Zelda. It is really my fault as I brought her into the home as a Valentines gift.

Little did I know that she would replace me at night time, replace the inherent desire to unload the dishwasher, replace the urge to pack lunches and make sure that all the doors are locked and secured at night.

He Who Shall Not Be Named hates it when I blog about him - however tonight when I tried to talk to him about the issue of playing Zelda for 2.5 hours when there was a dishwasher full of dishes to be unloaded and loaded - he said that I could have done that task in the morning (on top of my other tasks such as getting 2 small children up, dressed, fed and watered and in the van for 2 daycare drops). Not withstanding the fact that I was busy organising the boys clothes and condensing them into one room last night - collapsing into bed at 9:30pm with a large bag of clothes to be donated and all the new little spawns things in the 'baby's room' when Master Wii player HWSNBN was playing with his other woman.

I agree that no one wants to unload the dishwasher. But there needs to be some kind of compromise - like cut your play time down to 2 hours a night so that you can do some household chores.

Normally HWSNBN does participate in household chores. Not with the same capacity as me to multi task - but he does a share of the duty. Until she came along.

Perhaps it is time for Zelda to swim with the fishes...... then at least I might some evening participation!

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