Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ebay and other dying hobbies

Well the plunging dollar has left me bereft with grief. For over a year I was enthusiastically buying and trading item from the US. I bought a new stroller for Everly (1/2 of the canadian price with free shipping!), a trip to Disneyland (dollar was over 1.10 us!), one black friday shopping trip with the intrepid Jackie, and many many ebay finds.

But now I am still addicted to the shops known as Ebay & Target - however my shopping high now leaves me feeling a little bit blue. And now there is far more math involved. I was so shocked into reality last week when I purchased something and the dollar was listed at 77 cents! Gasp! That is like mid 1990s!

I again made the trek down to Bellis Fair today. But this time it was to pick up a vacuum cleaner for my mom and it was still 1/2 price even with the exchange. But it didn't feel the same. Instead of gleefully telling the border guard my total, I did so today with me head hung low.

It's just not the same. But I will still shop online - whether through Canadian shops or American because you just can't beat the selection (ever tried to find a Jimmy Neutron DVD here?).

Plus there is a sale at Gymboree on the 6th - 30% off your order. A good shopper can't be kept down. Maybe I am the saviour the American economy needs? Super Tassi!

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