Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A letter from Steve

I'm a bit lost for words so I thought that I would publish Steve's letter to The Vancouver Sun.

'While the STV supporters failed to convince the voters of
the efficacy of proportional representation those in power
got what they want by 1) demonizing stv as something
that it is not and 2) convincing the voters that accountability
and hope for a more democratic future rest with the
tried and the failed, rather than the untried and the unknown.
Ironically the very thing that STV would have enhanced,
voter turnout, continued its woeful performance.
Congratulations may be in order to the scaremongers of
of the world; but I wonder if deep down anyone can
be happy with results that will never let us know if
STV would have worked. As well, a main factor in the
demise of STV seems to be that people refused to
"understand" it. In the end, in a democracy, who is
responsible for determining how to vote.
The government? StV proponents? or the voters.

Steven Faraher-Amidon'

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