Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Low Voter Turnout - SHAME BC!

I am still a bit dumbfounded that people didn't vote for themselves yesterday with BC-STV. But I am even more upset that the voter turnout hovered around 50%.

What is wrong with people? Don't you think that your voice matters? In Delta South 2 (TWO!!) votes separates the Liberals and an independent. TWO F&*KING VOTES!!!! Your voice mattered in South Delta.

But more importantly if you felt that your vote didn't matter then why didn't you vote to change the electoral system? You could have only voted in the referendum. You didn't have to vote for any candidate.

Now we have 8% of the population who voted for the Green Party but they will be unrepresented in the legislature. I should say that I did not vote Green - nor have I ever voted Green. But that doesn't mean that I don't believe those people should have their ideals represented in government.

So a big BOO HISS to everyone who didn't vote. And another BOO HISS to the voters that couldn't be bothered to vote for themselves with BC - STV.

I believe in Electoral Reform and I believe that it will be debated again.