Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grafeful Journal

Every mat leave my goal was to clean up the den and organise it.

I have had three years to do this (between naps, feedings, preschool runs, doctors appointments, etc). It never got done. Then we moved into a larger house with a small den.

During our move I found a journal that my roomie from university started. She called it a "Grateful Journal'. I hate to say it but I think that Oprah started it...

Anyway as you can see I have not been blogging for the last year or so... working full time, parenting full time and maintaining some sort of social life has cut into all my free 'blogging' time and frankly the only time I get to think about interesting topics is when I am driving. And blogging and driving is verboten..

So I thought that I would start again by creating a Grateful list and try to do it once every few days.

Today I am grateful for Colin Firth. He is a great actor and seems to embody that special charm which I find utterly attractive.

Today I am grateful for the wee bit of sunshine that we got which powered up my solar lights in the front yard.

Today I am grateful for Buffalo chicken dip. Delicious.

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