Monday, April 19, 2010

A Terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist.

In grade 12 I had a history teacher who used to state: A Dictator is a dictator, is a dictator... as though this explained everything that one needed to know about an indivdual...

I went ont to get a BA in European History and I agree with my old high school teacher. Sometimes things are that simple. Sometimes and Asshole is an asshole is an asshole. I probably could have written a masters paper on this theory....

In 1985 a bomb went off on Air India 182. The airplane, carrying 329 people (mostly Canadians), plunged from the sky off the coast of Ireland. Everyone on board was killed. It was soon revealed that this bomb and a twin bomb that went off at Narita Airport (which killed 2 baggage handlers).

This is Canada's worst act of terrorism. The bombs were created in Duncan BC and loaded onto Air India jet planes in Vancouver BC. The bombs were made by terrorists (obviously) who wanted to settle a score for something that happened in India. For more information about the political issues I recommend reading Kim Bolan's book Loss of Faith: How the Air India Bombers Got Away With Murder.

This past weekend the Indo Candian community celebrated Vaisakhi. Prior to the celebration certain members of the community threatened 2 Canadian politicians that they would not be safe at the parade. Both of these politicians are Indo Canadian and both have stood up to these terrorist in the past (MLA Dave Hayer's father Tara Hayer was assasinated in his drive way due to knowledge that he had about Air India and MP Ujjal Dosanjh was severely beaten for standing up to the terrorists).

Many provincial Liberals boycotted the event due to the association with the terrorist group and the fact that a parade float would be there which had pictures of 'martyrs' for Khalistan. Once Mayor Diane Watts saw the parade float she left, disgusted. MP Sukh Dhaliwal stayed - for unknown reasons but for which he should be disciplined by his party leader Michael Ignatieff.

Remember - Air India bombers KILLED Canadians. And yet somehow we have allowed these Asshats to have a float in a parade with pictures of aforementioned terrorists.

This is akin to a float being driven with an Ode to Timothy McViegh in Oklahoma. Would that fly with the general public in the states? I THINK NOT.

So lets make sure that the City of Surrey knows that we are PISSED that they allowed a terrorist group to float a parade and wreck a nice family activity. Lets make sure that Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal knows that we are PISSED that he is such a pansy and didn't take a stand against terrorist.

And lets give Gordon Campbell, as much as it pains me politically, and his Liberal party big cheers for standing up to those TERRORISTS and not attending this event.

I heart Diane Watts at the best of times and applaud her comments and her willingness to leave this event when she realised what was going on.

I know that the majority of Indo Canadians do not want to be associated with these TERRORISTS. But by being silent and allowing them to parade around means that you are implicit to their deeds.

I remember the victims of Air India 182. I have faith that people in the Indo Canadian community remember these people as well and will not tolerate these TERRORISTS marring their community.

I have seen the footage - they pulled dead children out of the Atlantic Ocean in June of 1985. I have an image of a Royal navy helicopter pulling the body of a boy about 4 years old age out of the Atlantic. He was naked because the force of the plane falling out of the sky ripped his clothes from his body. They pulled mothers and fathers and babies. All dead. The Irish people and the Canadian and Indian people gather every year to acknowledge the waste.

Do not tolerate these TERRORISTS in our community. They are nothing more and nothing less than assassins of humanity.

Seriously - you can't guarentee the safety of 2 politicians at a family styled parade in Canada? Me thinks you are in the wrong country Inderjit Singh Bains. Perhaps you didn't read your pamphlet upon arrival - but EVERYONE here has the RIGHT to attend any public function without fear of being attacked.

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