Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Random Road Rage

I was driving to work a few days ago and found myself so annoyed with a fellow driver (someone who blew a red light when I was trying to make a left hand turn) that I wanted to rip their arm from their body and then beat them with the wet end.
I typically don't get so annoyed - in fact I am often the voice of reason when Colin gets angry and fellow people on the road. Ironically most of my " oh grow up" comments to Colin about his 'road rage' occurs at the same light where I felt limb-icidal.

So what causes such frustration? Was it bacause I was running late - not likely as I relish arriving late. Was it because I was travelling without the kids and therefore felt able to 'road rage'? Not likely as I am usually enjoying lame talk radio when the kids are elsewhere. Or was it because I had witnessed one too many boobs (gender neutral term in this context) burn the red light trying to get to the overpass - therefore clogging my way in and out of my small community.

That must be it. I have delayed reaction Fraser Heights resident rage. Beware.

ps Colin fixed our furnace with minimal hair pulling. Grateful for the heat at the beginning of April with all the snow and all...

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Leanna said...

Move to Langley....No Overpass..simple solution! :-)