Sunday, April 8, 2007

Veggie Meatballs are just wrong....

During a recent grocery shop I decided to try veggie near meatballs. And I have to say that they look & taste like crap. And usually I talk up the soy products as I think they are healthier - but this one has to get a resounding NO.

Easter has been pretty goood so far - one more family do to attend. Colin forgot to get my anything - but luckily I saved the day by producing some Purdys for myself. I have to say that he used to be much better at these things - but I am sensing a do it yourself Christmas this year. I wonder what I will get myself? This behaviour might be contagious as I suspect that some of his buddies at work default to the same 'no gift is a good gift' MO. I wonder if there is refresher boot camp for husbands after the 6th year of marriage?

Perhaps that is the real reason why couples split up after the 7 year mark - it isn't the urge to merge with another, but rather the urge to get an appropriate birthday present... But maybe that is why women tend to make better friendships.

Go Canucks Go!

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Jenn said...

I guess some things just aren't meant to be "near".

This year I made it quite clear to Steve that I was getting him something for Easter, and that the sentiment was expected to be reciprocated. Then on the day, he actually had the gall to ask to eat MY chocolate, saying that he got me WAY more than I got him. Boys suck.