Monday, May 21, 2007

Spin till you yak......

There is a new game at my house - spin your brother till he throws up (or stumbles around like a partygo-er on Granville Street). This is great fun for the boys - less fun for me as I either am cleaning up or trying to weave them around previously safe items sucvh as the coffee table, floor, walls, etc. And of course the inevitable tears if the spinning game is stopped before the above mentioned events take place.

I have been reflecting lately about what it means to parent two boys. I have all the books, Raising Caine, The Wonder of Boys, etc. But I have not really had time to read them as I am usually falling into bed shortly after them. Which I think is a symptom of parenting boys... there are no real 'down times' where they colour (usually eat the crayons or else use them as Bewers), watch a movie (well Linden will sit, but then Rowan initiates the spinning game.....), or play quietly (usually whatever they are playing with gets turned into a Bewer...). So where is the time to 'educate' myself about boys? I suppose I will need to make the time before they get to school so that I can advocate for them as they pretend to bew everyone on the playground.

So here's to all the mother of boys - go on through these uncharted waters & hopefully I'll see you at the end!

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