Sunday, May 27, 2007

And baby makes 5

Well I think that we have told all the relevant family members - so here comes our news officially.

We are pregnant again & expecting in December. I feel fine, although a bit tired. Not a lot of nausea.

We have been debating as to whether or not we are going to find out the gender of this new Redekop.

There is significant pressure to have a girl (as there only boy cousins on both sides of the family). However I would like to know for more practical reasons. If it is a boy then I will stop lending out my boy stuff. But if it is a girl then I can start to shop the sales! But truth be told I am just a nosy nelly....

If you have any boys names or girl names that you could suggest that would be great. Our steadfast girl name has been snatched by a co worker (although it does go amazingly well with her first child's name).

I struggle with the term 'we are pregnant' because clearly 'WE' are not pregnant. I am pregnant and I am going to be the one to have 2 needles in my spine & go through abdominal surgery again. And I am going to be the one who is going to be a human milk truck for the entire year of 2008. Colin gets to do the fun stuff. Like sleep through the night. The whole 'we' concept is for newbies who have not figured out that the job is not 50 / 50 (more like 80 / 20 on a good day).

Stay tuned....

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