Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doing the math....

When deciding what kind of surface we were going to put down for the tree house 'structure', Colin thought about things in an economical way. Thus we have peat gravel.

But if he had thought about it this way maybe we would have had the more expensive rubber surfacing:

- How much would you pay not to have to shop vac the lawn before mowing the grass (lest you be blinded by a peat gravel rock being fired out by the lawnmower)?

- How much would you pay not to dig peat gravel out of the washing machine?

- How much would you pay not to find peat gravel on the dinner table?

- How much would you pay to not have peat gravel scratches all over your hand scrapped hardwood?

- How much would you pay not to co-ordinate rock extractions from mini noses?

Its not the initial cost of something, but the collateral costs of your decisions which should be taken into consideration.

For the record we would have bought the more expensive surfacing.

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