Friday, August 24, 2007

Just 5 minutes....

It seems there is only a 5 minute window each day that I am with the kids, that I can actually go upstairs to change laundry or go to the bathroom.

And the trick is to realise that you are in the 5 minute zone before it has lapsed. You may be re loading the dishwasher, paying bills, etc. But if you miss that peaceful 5 minutes then it is gone till tomorrow. That is a long time to wait to go pee.

And today I grabbed my 5 minutes just in time - by the time I was setting everything straight in the bathroom, the screamed had started again ' He hit me' 'Rowan ate my muffie' 'Linden bit me!'

Ahhh.. .maybe I should lay off the water during these days...

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