Monday, February 11, 2008

A Bridge Too Far

There is a mom at daycare who I really do not like.

She never says hello - yet is inexplicably there sitting in the living room every night I come to get my kids.
She has never attended a birthday party that we have invited her to for the kids - although she does RSVP with the usual vapid - "We can't come to the party." It is especially annoying as it was a pity daycare invite in the first place as her child is odd as well.

Last summer she actually subbed in for the usual daycare provider and had the cajones to reprimand my child in front of me in a nasty tone. It was a good thing that I was not 100 % (just had the D&C) otherwise I would have leapt over the couch and tied her braids together and booted her saggy ass back to her home. But I kept my mouth shut (all the while giving her hairy eye ball) and kindly requested that my d/c provider NEVER ask her to look after my children again.

But despite that huge parenting / daycare I still say hello to her and goodbye to her and her weird kid everyday that I see her. And she is silent. I have thought that maybe she is autistic. But I have come to the conclusion that she is just rude.

And to top it all off we are having babies at the same time. She looks like a brown haired Heidi Remake cast off and I still look remotely stylish. Maybe life is fair after all......


The Southern Skyes said...

She sounds like someone who DEFINATELY needs to pound salt up her ass! How rude - if I were you I'd stop saying hello and keep giving her stink-eye! Although....taking the high road is the better way to travel.....darn this parenting thing - why does it makes us teach our children the "right" things, when sometimes all we want to do is the things that will make us feel so much better....... :)

Deliz said...

Interesting to know.