Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Jig is Up

Well the little people in our house have wised up to the fact that there is going to be an invasion in about 14 weeks.

Linden asked me as we were leaving daycare one day this past week whether there was a baby in my big tummy or maybe I just ate too much lunch. Clearly time to show our cards to the little people. We weren't going to tell them until after their newest niece or nephew is born (in about 2 weeks) - but maybe I should be pleased that they knew that I was getting rotund.

Both boys have put their orders in - only a sister will do thank you very much. When I try to dissuade them by saying that a brother would be nice as well and they could show him how to play with all the Thomas toys they each give me the hairy eye ball. As though only an insane mummy would suggest that sharing toys could be a benefit to having a sibling enter into the house. Maybe only an insane mummy would see that as a bonus.... Clearly it is interpreted as an act of war.....

This does cause a dilemma though - what happens if we do have another boy and there is a mass revolt? Burning of the power ranger costumes, hiding of Thomas toys, purposely developing a love for mustard which would simultaneously destroy all of their clothes... Maybe we should find out what we are having so we can do some prep for the boys....

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