Monday, May 19, 2008


So here I sit - my last Sunday morning sort of alone at the computer. It is the last day of a long weekend and the count down to baby has started in earnest (3 more sleeps). I am in clean up mode - which is nice for the living space, not so nice for my husband (Do you REALLY need to keep this Metallica CD? When is the last time you actually listened to it? What about this Diablo gaming manual? What about this joy stick?). The kids could care less. They don't even play with the toys that I have already downsized. The dogs aren't miffed (as demonstrated by the fact that they are back to snoring at 7:28 am after breakfast & a trip outside).

But I am thinking of all the things that we do keep in our homes which really have no monetary meaning - but sentimental meaning galore. My mother was cleaning out her garage this past weekend and produced a shoe box to me filled with pictures that I had packed away from my days at summer camp. They were framed and everything. There was even a Bean figurine with a saying about kids stenciled on its belly (which my sister inexplicably wanted to have for her office). What am I going to do with that kind of stuff? I am a scrapbooker - but this stuff seems beyond the pale. I can barely finish off the boys baby's albums (super sorry - I have given myself an Olympic time clock for those items) let alone start looking at things from the mid 1990s. I think that we have stopped taking so many pictures because it is associated with scrapbookers guilt! ;)

So I guess I need to cull out the truly bad pictures and pack the rest of them up for reflection when my kids leave the house and I have more time. In about 20 years. Good grief. They should have an organisational aisle at London Drugs called - Putting Away Stuff for Decades. BPA free!

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