Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well some of you knew that I was 'on my own' this past week.
You could tell by the incessant screaming / crying every time you called, or perhaps what gave it away was that I was late for work every single day last week or maybe it was that unmade up face and hair in a pony tail ALL WEEK.

Some pretty weird things happened while Colin was away:

- I forgot the kids lunch for daycare on Monday (never happened before in 2.5 years)
- Linden got a rock stuck up his nose and almost had to be taken to the ER (thankfully Gayle Uber daycare provier convinced him to hold one nostril and snort out the other)
- Rowan smashed his face after a birthday party while trying to get into his car seat via the front seat. Hideous bloody nose fest ensued.
- Linden bit Rowan 3x - so that he had circular tatoos on either arm.

So I would like to toast every single mother past, present and future. You do an amazing job and are probably not given enough respect by your friends, family, peers and co workers. I salute you!

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