Sunday, July 8, 2007

Camping Amigoes....

Colin & Linden are on their first ever father / son camping trip.
Of course Colin had to go to a place that doesn't have cell reception - which means that I am thinking of every horrific thing that can happen to a pre schooler at a camp ground. Such as choking on hotdogs, bitten by west nile infected mosquitoes, getting OFF in his his eyes, falling into the lake, wild bears and carbon monixide poisoning. Does that even happen camping or is that just cabins?
But I am sure the little man doing well, it is the big man that I worry about after an exhausting evening of assuring that none of the above things happen. Then get rewarded with a sleep on an air mattress with the 3 foot kung foo fighter as a bed mate...
Yea Camping!

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