Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No birthday cake

It is official. I am a horrible birthday mommy.

Rowan celebrated 2 years of survival (in the urban jungle sense of the term) and we had a BBQ pool party for him & assorted buddies. To be honest they were mostly Linden's buddies with their age appropriate siblings to make up the kid quota.

"Mommy" (quatations only because I suspect that I am on probation with the Muffia) decided that we would not have a birthday cake but would do 'birthday ice cream cones' instead. To a person everyone asked about the birthday cake. And then Linden, trying to vindicate his mommy, asked, "maybe ice cream cake?" To which I had to reply no. Ice cream cones.

Trauma for everyone. Pictures ruined as Mommy only lit one candle for the ice cream cone due to being flustered about social faux pas of no bday cake.

Better luck next year.

1 comment:

Jen said...

OK I thought you meant Cake inside the ice cram cones.... ahhh you meant ice cream cones with ice cream....
Going to have to admit no the finest hour. however in hindsight...ummmm
I got nothing sorry