Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hmmm. A baby hippo. That according to the knowledgeable people who draft the witty sayings on GAP kids jammies, is approximately how much I weigh.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should burn those pjs... Super Sorry Linden. Mommy couldn't handle the reminder.

It is difficult to imagine having the time to count calories again and get back down to 165 (my lowest since about 1997). The good news is that I lost 35 pounds last time on Weight watchers (in 2002 - 2003) and didn't climb back up to that horrific starting point until very recently.

I don't recall exactly how my time started to get eaten away in 15 increments - but it has and now I am wondering where I will find another 15 minutes to plan calories wise meals so that I don't scarf everything I see when I get home from work.

I need to do this. Can't really afford to pay weight watchers 15 a week - so maybe this forum will keep me accountable.

I can't title this entry - blogger is driving me nuts.

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Jen Metituk said...

OK you!

Seriously time to drag you on to facebook. I have emailed you but the ol imac must have blocked my virus infected pc emails :-)

Come on ... crack book is harmless. At least email me.
(Who sounds desperate now!)

BTW we are aLL packing the weight around. So if you want some sort of internet accountability you are on!

I even did BOOTCAMP for 4 weeks. Holy hell. Talk about punishment I paid for how ironic. I didnt know my body was capable of that kind of pain. felt sometime around my last giving birth experience. So Ive decided i like being fat .. ha ha

djmetituk @ hot mail . com