Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here are 10 things you may not know about me & my family:
- I am the oldest of 7 kids
- Colin & I got engaged just outside of Paris in 2000
- Colin & I were in Ireland duing 9/11 and were forced to extend our honeymoon in Scotland
- We have two dogs, two cats & two fish
- I have 2 moms & 2 dads - paired off the old fashioned way
- I am a social worker & practice in the field of Child Welfare
- I like to buy scrapbooking materials, however don't really love scrapbooking
- One of our cars is 19 years old
- I am about 30 pounds overweight right now
- I would like to have a third baby

Alright so some of those things most of you will know. But just in case some big movie producer is reading through this and thinks that my life would make a good movie. I would request that Kate Winslet be cast as me.

I confess to being a big mystified about this blogging thing. I am not quite comfortable with it yet - as you might tell by the fact that I have not posted any pictures yet (although I was taught by Blog Wizrad's Luddite assistant on friday). But those who know me, know that I like to yap on and on about my beliefs and theories. but for another day. I think that I am going to turn in now - on a super rainy Sunday night ( my least favourite night of the week).

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