Thursday, March 15, 2007

Buggy oh Buggy, where art thou Buggy?

Hello Buggy!
Linden adores his new friend. So much so that he brought him to bed with him last night (safely tucked away in a 'bug viewing' jar which almost turned into a Bug Jam jar after Buggy was momentarily stunned by a blow to the head by the magnifying piece....). Colin had to convince Linden to bring Buggy outside as he needed to go home to his mother... To which Linden relied that Buggy didn't love his mom anymore & wanted to stay with him.
Finally Buggy was put back in the yard - with the promise that he would be able to visit him anytime during the day.
Next day arrives and Linden goes to find Buggy - only to learn that he has left home. Drama for my mom as Linden was very sad that Buggy could not be found.
This is only the beginning.....

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