Tuesday, March 27, 2007

xbox nightmare....

Apparently we need an xbox to compliment our imac. Which sounds like a load of hooey to me. But Colin was clear that he needed one to get the most out of the imac. Right.... Just one more thing for him to play with. But instead of being hidden in the den & allowing me free access to the tv to watch my nature shows (when lions behave badly & the like), the Xbox threatens my recreational time. This may not last - our next purchase might be a tv for Colin to take into the den (which has been abandoned as a storage room).

At work today I was MOCKED by my scottish colleague for having a blog. Oh the humanity! There is a certain amount of pressure to be 'witty' on this blog. But I am afraid that I am not funny all the time. Or even most of the time. Sometimes but definately not always.

I bought a bag of Bridge Mixture over the weekend - but I must confess to only liking the chocolate covered jelly portions. The rest of it I could chuck and reluctantly eat to avoid being called a waster by my randomly recycling spouse. But this time I have decided that I am only going to eat the jelly ones. The rest will go into the compost. Which I am sure is not meant for the compost.

See, not funny. Maybe next time.


Leanna said...

Okay that is the second story of Bridge Mix I have heard/read tonight...Someone is trying to tell me that I need to get some Bridge Mix....Jay is on about the PS3...we got a new TV and apparantely, like Colin, it is a must have to go with it..Jay = my 5th child.

Jenn said...

Tassi, Tassi, Tassi. The jelly ones are the only ones in the Bridge Mix I DON'T like. For the love of all things chocolate and sacred, save the rest for me, for thyne arse is not large enough!!