Saturday, March 24, 2007

good old days....

I have been thinking about the 'good old days' of university. Mainly because I was in the car listening to the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack and reminded about all the goofy things that happened. Like how I had to listen to Sharon & her uber boyfriend at the time get busy ALL NIGHT long (they thought that I was out), or when we tried to bake a cake in a too small pan, or when I thought that Sharon might have ebola (due to no eye makeup), or when we had to endure phone messges during exams which mocked us (from a fine arts majoy friend), or when we make chicken cayenen instead of paprika (and ate it anyway because we were starving), or when I yakked out of the car three blocks away from a house party. Ahh the memories. One day I will put them all on here. It reminded me that I miss my friend Sharon & I really should make more of an effort to stay in touch.

But that is a slice to enjoy at another time.

I spent an large amount of time at UVic feeling like I was 17. Great hair and at times the body to match. But now I am thoroughly disabused of that notion as my ass is the size of a helipad (why? why?) and I am now feeling like I am 35. I am only 31. How did THAT happen? Horrific jump ahead in time. Maybe because I went grocery shopping tonight (a saturday!) at Superstore at 9pm with all the other losers. It was sad. The frozen food section had been picked over, there wasn't an organic egg to be found, obviously my prized organic PC milk was SOLD out and I was surrounded by profoundly sad people. New parents with tiny babies crying, group home staff shopping for the home, teens searching for the cheapest 'mix' for their party, goofy teenage girls buying hair dye, and other moms like me trying to shop while the kids are sleeping & the husband is entertained with the new computer. I felt like a retail refugee. There were actually people sitting on the furniture chatting about their weekend plans. Sort of like a coffee house for sad people too cheap to actually go to a Starbucks.

If only their organic stuff wasn't so good & their dry goods so cheap I'd shop elsewhere. But I have a feeling that Safeway & Save On aren't really hubs of hip moms shopping on saturday night. I'd likely run into the same group of droolers.

I seem to be unusually quite right now - this is partially because I emailed everyone my blog - then promptly got stage fright. As though great things would be expected.

We have our iMac! It is gorgeous. Now I can make dinner and watch ebay at the same time!

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Jenn said... are only 31, but feel 35. I AM 35. Does that mean ergo you feel like me???? Should I be insulted or mildly amused? Or payback for not inviting you to the baby book class?? I'm sooooooory!! At least you didn't have to listen to me shagging from another room in University (ahhhh, memories)